Monday, October 26, 2009

Tile Tales

Tiling a bathroom can get expensive, especially when you're using natural stone or beautiful glass mosaics. We think with the right combination of pricey - big-bang-for-your-buck - tile and inexpensive options, you can create an affordable designer bathroom. 

Use expensive tiles where you will get the most impact with the least amount of material...
  1. If the bathroom is small, the floor may be a good option. If it's large, try creating an interesting pattern for the floor using tiles from varying price points where the expensive tile is just the detail. 
  2. For custom shower enclosures, experiment with tiling only one wall with a focal, expensive, tile and clad the remaining walls with a more economical compliment. Showers and tub surrounds are also a great place to add a continuous band of pricey glass mosaics or stone within a wall of budget friendly tiles.

Create an interesting pattern with your inexpensive, simple white tile...
  1. Lay economical subway tile vertically for a new and fresh look, or line up the grout lines when it is laid horizontally for a more modern, grid-like appearance.
  2. Try mixing two different sizes of white ceramic tile together - lay them alternating every row, or choose one size as your dominant tile and create a detail band using the second.


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